Gone Fishin' - Volume 1

Gone Fishin' - Volume 1

It takes a River to Make a Fish

Gone Fishin' is a two-volume set that is hardbound and coffee-table quality. It is filled with superb historical photographs of the recreational and commercial fisheries in the rivers and bays of southwestern Oregon.

Volume 1 (182 pages) pays tribute through stories and photographs of the five species of the Pacific Salmon, how they arrived and evolved in the rivers of Oregon. Its title is: It Takes a River to Make a Fish.

Volume 2 (382 pages) pays tribute to the individual rivers from the Umpqua river on the north and the Winchuck on the south near the California border and everything in between. It is filled with stories about Zane Grey and Ginger Rogers, Glen Woolridge and other famous fishermen on each river. Its title is: It Takes a Watershed to Make a River. Both books minimize the scientific jargon and only have enough statistics to help tell the story. The ocean fishery was omitted. 

President Hoover once said: “The gods do not deduct from man’s allotted span for the hours spent fishing.”


Sample Pages from the book: